Best cold brew coffee maker

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That is why we have created a list of Best cold brew coffee maker of 2017. After researching online and spending hours in testing these cold brew coffee maker, I have shortlisted the top 10 which you can buy right now.

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Best cold brew coffee maker

SaleBestseller No. 1
Zell Cold Brew Coffee Maker | Best Home Iced Coffee & Tea Maker with Removable Coffee Fine Mesh Filter | Strong Borosilicate Glass Cold Coffee Maker | BONUS Fruit Infusion Filter | 1 Quart (1000 ml)
  • Boulder Flavors & Aromas: The Zell cold brew coffee maker, 1 quart (1000 ml or 34 oz), makes smooth, less acidic cold brew coffee and gives you a stronger concentrate that can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. The fine mesh filter ensures that you do not get coffee grounds in your drink.
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass: Glass pitcher is made of strong borosilicate glass. The coffee jug fits in most refrigerator doors for easy access. It is perfect for creating rich, smooth and icy cold cups of coffee to jolt you awake in the morning or to make it through those long summer days.
  • Bonus Fruit Infusion Filter; Highly Versatile: Replace the mesh coffee filter with fruit infusion filter and turn your cold brew pitcher into a fruit infusion jug. This infusion pitcher is ideal for producing the best fruit water, herb drink, lemon water, cucumber water, raspberry iced tea, ginger lemonade and spice-derived infusions, to give your taste buds an amazing kick!
SaleBestseller No. 2
Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
  • Designed to brew coffee with 67-percent less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods
  • Patented cold brew system uses regular coffee beans to create super smooth hot coffee, but with no electricity required
  • The Toddy Cold Brew System also makes tea, served hot or cold
SaleBestseller No. 3
COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER - LARGE 1.5 Quart | 48 oz - Glass Pitcher & Carafe Pot with Removable Stainless Steel Filter - Perfect for Cold Brew, Iced Coffee, and Iced Tea Infusion
  • SMOOTHER COFFEE: With the cold brew method, your coffee will taste smoother in taste and less acidic unlike traditional hot brewing. Cold brew coffee contains 67 percent less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods.
  • NO PLASTIC PARTS I BARISTA QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher's glass and 18/8 stainless steel construction produces fresh delicious coffee, without any plastic or musty aftertaste. Enjoy your batch of pure coffee that is 100% BPA-free and chemical-free.
  • ICED & HOT TEA COMPATIBLE: The glass carafe is great for loose leaf tea or tea bags. You can brew it hot like a traditional tea pot or brew it cold in the fridge.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Osaka, Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 6 Cup (30oz/900ml) Cold-Brew Dripper - Innovative Adjustable Dripper with Glass Carafe And Stainless Steel Filter - Achieve Great Tasting, Smooth, Cold Brewed Coffee
  • ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN COLD BREWED COFFEE AT HOME - Easily brew a delicious, smooth cold brewed coffee, with this slow drip extract process, that guarantees much lower acidity than regular coffee. Be a part of the cold brew coffee culture, all in the comfort of your home with the convenience of full control over the taste. Cold-Brew has almost 60% less acidity than hot brewed coffee. With our unique extraction process, you too can create that deliciously smooth taste in a matter of hours.
  • INNOVATIVE UNIQUE EXTRACTION PROCESS - Reinvents an age old method of slow drip to create the perfect delicious cold brew coffee. Optimized for ultimate control and full flavor. Adjustable dripper lets you control the drip speed thus controlling the strength of the coffee and the speed of the brew. Unlike immersion brewers that require 12-24 hours, this provides a full 6 cups of cold brew coffee in 4-5 hours. Can be used to brew tea as well using the same process.
  • HAND BLOWN BOROSILICATE GLASS CARAFE - The glass carafe is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass which is resistant to thermal shock and does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. Ensuring you with a fresh tasting coffee every single time you brew. The stainless steel filter will leave you with a clear ground-free cup of cold-brewed coffee. The PP top chamber will keep your ice water cold for longer. All parts are made with top-quality materials that will last a long time.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Qahwa Airtight Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee Maker, Large 1 Quart Premium Glass Pitcher / Carafe with Removable Filter and Built In Coaster - Free Bonus Recipe eBook (Premium: Airtight)
  • ➤ SIMPLE PROCEDURE AND SUPERIOR FLAVOUR - Follow the simple and easy instructions provided, to brew great tasting coffee at the comforts of your own home using our professional brewer. Cold brewed coffee tastes less acidic and more aromatic! Free E-Book available upon request - Compiles 5 amazing tried and tested recipes, which can easily be made at home!
  • ➤ DURABLE AND ELEGANT DESIGN - Strong thick glass and stainless steel is used for durability, large pitcher provides 4/5 servings. Elegant and slim design makes it easy to handle and fits in most fridge doors. Built in coaster captures condensed droplets preventing grinds entering coffee rings. 100% BPA free.
  • ➤ OPTIMAL BREWING AND AIRTIGHT - The reusable fine micro-mesh filter ensures optimal coffee brewing while preventing grinds entering. Iced and Hot Tea Compatible - Using loose leaf tea or teabags, cold brew excellent iced tea in the fridge. Airtight lid slows down oxidation rates keeping coffee fresh and prevents odours.
SaleBestseller No. 6
3 in 1 Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Non-Slip Base | Iced Tea Maker | Fruit Infusion Pitcher | "A" FakeSpot Rating | Premium Borosilicate Glass | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe | 44oz | BONUS INFUSER
  • ★ ENJOY THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE AT HOME: Tired of spending tons of money on store-bought coffee every day? Are you looking for the best cold brew coffee maker to prepare fresh, heavenly aromatic coffee concentrate at home? By cold brewing your coffee, you will be able to extract only the natural coffee flavors and aromas, leaving behind the bitter oils and enjoy a perfectly balanced, hot or cold cup of coffee, anytime you like!
  • ★ SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, REDUCE WASTE - The average worker spends $1,092 annually just on coffee! That's a lot of trips to the coffee shop, time in line, and disposable cups! Save your money and make your favorite drinks at home in a few simple steps. Cleanup is easy too with all parts dishwasher safe!
  • ★ VERSATILE COLD BREWER: Our cold brewer is perfect for brewing, storing and serving your favorite beverage. Just add your favorite coffee, tea, aromatics to the appropriate infuser, add water, and brew! It's not just great for coffee, but also perfect for making iced tea and infusing water with your favorite fruit or herbs. Two thirds of Americans don't drink enough water; making infused water is an great way to flush toxins from your body, boost metabolism, and promote weight loss.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Large Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 48 Oz (1.5 Liters) Glass Pitcher Cold Brewer with Removable Stainless Steel Filter – Iced Tea Infuser Pitcher
  • LOW ACIDITY AND RICH FLAVOR - Cold brew coffee has 70% less acidity than regular coffee. This makes it much more suitable for people who prefer a healthy lifestyle or for anyone with stomach problems. With the help of our coffee maker, you can create a coffee concentrate that is richer in flavor than cold drip brews and can be used for preparing a variety of different drinks.
  • HIGH QUALITY SAFE MATERIALS - The mesh filter is made of high quality medical-grade stainless steel and is cut using lasers to create the smallest sized holes in the filter, which keep the finest grounds of coffee and tea particles out of your brew. Laser cutting also eliminates any sharp parts on the filter that can cause injury. Our dishwasher-safe cold brew coffee maker is completely free of plastic, rubber, and polyurethane. All materials we use are 100 % BPA free.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Our cold brew coffee pitcher is made of thick borosilicate glass, which is well-known for its strength and ability to resist temperature change. The versatility of our glass carafe gives you the freedom to make tea, a variety of fruit, nut, or bean drinks, and hot beverages.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Large Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 1.5L (48 oz) Glass Carafe with Removable Double Walled Stainless Steel Filter - Use to Brew Hot or Cold Tea or Coffee
  • ENJOY MORE COLD BREW COFFEE - This 1.5 Liter capacity brewer will let you share ultra-smooth cold brew with family and friends or just save more for yourself!
  • SERVE HOT OR COLD - Kasani's Cold Brew Coffee Maker is great for brewing coffee and teas either hot or cold.
  • MAKE, SERVE, STORE ALL IN ONE - Making cold brew coffee is incredibly easy! Simply add your favorite coarsely ground coffee and add cold water. The glass carafe fits easily in your refrigerator door. Over night, you will have an ultra-smooth, full-bodied brew like no other.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Osaka, Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 1.5 Liter Tritan Carafe with Stainless Steel Mesh Filter "Fushimi Inari Taisha" (Black)
  • LOOKS LIKE GLASS, BUT SHATTERPROOF - The pitcher is made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester it will not break, nick, crack or warp even after using it hundreds of times.
  • EASY POUR SEAL LID - The lid keeps an airtight seal with or without the filter, keeping your cold-brew coffee extract fresh for up to 2 WEEKS! The specially designed spout makes for an easy pour.
  • STAINLESS STEEL MESH FILTER - The filter is made of high grade 300 micron stainless steel mesh which produces a clear and exceptional coffee.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Large Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 1.5 Quart Iced Brewed Tea Maker - Glass Coffee Carafe With Removable Stainless Steel Filter - Fruit infuser pitcher - Includes Scoop & Clip Spoon
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Create authentic cold brews which are less acidic, less bitter & more flavourful, serve measured brew portions, and make sure everyone at your party gets a fair share - thanks to the handy measurement markings on our cold brew coffee maker!
  • INCLUDES A 2-in-1 SPOON - With a chic 'Scoop & Clip' spoon included with the coffee carafe, you can Scoop coffee grounds without spilling & can even seal the coffee bag to retain your expensive coffee's freshness, flavours and aroma for way longer.
  • OPTIMAL SIZE - Optimally sized to ensure that our iced coffee maker conveniently fits into your refrigerator (unlike a slender cold coffee brewer), can be effortlessly cleaned with hands because of the wide top & removable filter, and remains easy to hold with its perfectly sized handle.
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