DXRacer Sentinel Series

DXRacer Sentinel Series – Exceptional weight capacity

DXRacer Sentinel SeriesThough DXRacer King series offers relatively big models, DXRacer Sentinel gaming chairs are even bigger. They resemble DXRacer Racing series.
A combination of strong aluminum base and 3” casters allows DXRacer King chairs to hold up to 325 lbs. (147 kg.). You would have to try really hard in order to break them!
There are three DXRacer King models and they only differ by the cover material. The most expensive option imitates leather and the cheapest one uses standard combination of strong mesh and polyurethane.

• Wide and soft seats;
• Materials are very nice to the touch;
• Bigger casters provide improved mobility (as much as it is possible for such a big chair).
• Chairs are very massive and heavy;
• Not the cheapest price.

Verdict: DXRacer Sentinel series is a decent choice for those people who want to have the most durable and safe gaming chairs and who want double wide desk chair. These are comfortable and beautiful products, made from the best parts. Keep in mind that all DXRacer Sentinel chairs are heavy and take up a lot of space, so it is not the best option for small rooms.
DXRacer • Fits even to biggest users;– Truly unbreakable chairs
Do not joke around the DXRacer Tank series chairs. These things are monsters! A single DXRacer Tank series chair is able to hold up to 425 lbs. (192 kg.) without any problems.
DXRacer Tanks series models offer everything you would have expected from a premium gaming chair: big and comfortable pillows, nice cover, adjustable armrests and impressive strengthened base. They look great and feel great and it makes them seem like a pretty good choice. However, it is not true for most people. If you do not have any problems with excessive weight, choose a DXRacer Racing or DXRacer Formula model – they offer pretty much the same fucnctionality but for smaller money.

• Fits even for biggest users;
• Impressive weight and height limits.
• Weights a lot;
• Expensive.

Verdict: DXRacer Tank series chairs are very specific, so they should be considered only for people with bad. Unless you are not overweight or extremely tall, there is no much sense for you to buy it…


We tested all types of DXRacer gaming chairs and absolutely liked the most of them! We are glad, that DXRacer offer so many different options just to help their customers find the best possible gaming chair.
If we were to choose a gaming chair for ourselves – we would have definitely picked DXRacer Racing series of needed color. It has everything a good gaming chair should have and it does not cost that much.

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